Jim Clark Rally

May 20, 2008

It’s been all go getting the car ready for the Jim Clark Rally. The engine came back out to cure an oil leak , the exhaust maniflod replace due to a crack. New vented discs on the front. New phosphor bronze bush in steering rack. The most time consuming job was converting the rear to discs. The assembly was straight forward but could not bleed the air out.


New handbrake

December 16, 2007

Installed WRC type handbrake instead of normal hydraulic type . Linked old handbrake with cables to keep car legal and keep scrutineers happy. Aluminium bar and grip bought off ebay and cylinder moved from old bracket to new one I fabricated so it cost about a tenner.

Rolling Road Day

October 30, 2007

Just back from Bogg Brothers where the carbs were set up by Dave ( the father ).He seemed to know his stuff and changed most of the jets , emulsion tubes and air correctors.The engine made 160bhp which is 15 up on the last time when it had a 244 cam instead of the present 254.
David also spoke to Aldon about modding the advance curve on the distributor giving more advance early on to pull the engine onto the cam earlier.Took it up the road and it went like a rocket ! Will give it a better go later , knackered after 6 hours trailering it there and back.

Running in

October 26, 2007

Had the dubious task of running in the new engine before it goes on the rolling road.This is normally a boring task but when the vehicle is geared for 6000 rpm at 70mph and does less than 10 mpg it becomes a real pain.Kept to country roads so I could at leat have a little bit of fun on the bends , however the car does not handle on part throttle you need to give it max attack before it will go around corners.Did most of the mileage on a nice sunny day and gave it a bit more welly towards the end , nowt below 4500 then it really lifts off , haven’t took it over 6000 yet , thought I heard the sound of detonation coming out of one hairpin so I settled down until the carbs and ignition are set up. Need to get it down to Bogg Brothers now.

Lack of oil pressure

August 9, 2007

Engine back in and having usual problem with dry sump system.Started by filling oil tank and jacking back of car up until oil appeared at engine end of pipe.Then connected it to oil pump and started cranking engine on starter motor ( no spark plugs ), two days later still no oil pressure , decided to leave back end of car overnight to see if gravity would help and got back to selling car number plates to finance all this

Engine Back

July 26, 2007

Well the engine is back all rebuilt and it’s in the car.just waiting now for a new oil pipe for the new oil cooler.

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July 23, 2007

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New crank and rods arrive!

March 1, 2007

QED delivered the new EN40B steel crankshaft and Carillo type H beam rods. The rods are absolutely beautiful , far too pretty to go in oily engine! The crank is farndon and much lighter than the holbay one which it replaces.Got to get them fown to the engine builder now to have the engine assembled.

Still Waiting

February 20, 2007

Still waiting for my EN40B billet steel crankshaft and Carrillo rods to arrive so the engine can be rebuilt.Meanwhile I found out that it will soon be illegal to have a car uninsured even if it’s undrivable like mine.There is to be a new offence ” being the registered keeper of a vehicle not insured for use”. Note that it is not using a car which is uninsured but being the registered keeper !
Meanwhile I’ll try to sell some private number plates to pay for the carnk and rods!

Other blogs

December 23, 2006

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